Reset Password

The optional password reset function is activated upon customer request. This feature of HCA Rewards allows students and administrators to reset their account passwords without administrator assistance. In order for the password reset feature to work, the following must be checked:

HCA Rewards

The organization must have self-management and self-management capabilities enabled for all applicable student and administrator roles. Without these functions, the user did not forget to access the password? This is the link to begin the process of changing the password. To enable these features, contact the Health Stream support center.

The user must have an email address associated with their account. The email address associated with the account must be unique. If more than one account is registered to this email address, the password reset feature will not work in this case.

How to Reset Password?

  • Create a personal email address and security questions.
  • Check your email for the temporary password.
  • Please visit to receive your HCA3-4 ID.


The HCA has a lot of people, so it’s likely that someone else has purchased your username. If you enter an inaccessible username, a prompt will appear on the screen, prompting you to choose another option. Try adding a period (dot) between the words of your username. Keep trying until you find an accessible username that works for you.

After deciding your username, pick a secret solid word and write it down. You must use the combination of letters, numbers, and images in your password and make sure the password is eight characters long. There is a password indicator on the screen that will let you know if you have selected a secret solid word. Today’s innovation makes it easier to crack weak passwords. For tips on selecting a secret solid word, see our password guide.