Portal Support

HCA Rewards is the HCA employee login portal. If you cannot access HCARewards.com from the login page, you must first go to HCAhrAnswers.com and click Login to HCA Rewards. Once that is done, the team must follow the on-screen instructions that tell them how to register new users and access the site for all scheduled visits.

HCA Rewards

HCA Rewards Private Login Platform

  • If employees do not know the HCA 3-4 ID, call HCAhrAnswers directly at (844) 472-6797.
  • If employees do not see the network password, they should contact their local IT support for assistance.
  • If employees have another User ID, enter it in HCA ID 3-4.
  • If employees have additional questions about logging into the HCA Rewards app, please connect to BConnected at (800) 566-4114.

Registration benefits include

  • Adoption Assistance
  • If an employee has a plan to raise a child, they can offset or cover the costs associated with the adoption plan. It may also cover travel expenses, agency fees, and legal fees.

The advantage to taking care of children

There are different platforms to help explore an adopted child or pay special attention to the care of vulnerable people.

Promotional Discounts in Retail

Different types of deals, discounts, and offers.

Employee Pension Program

Individuals provide confidential advice to individuals through counseling and referral solutions, where employees can receive personal communications online and business advice.

ESOP on HCA rewards

The company offers stock options and a 10% discount to all employees who purchase stock. They can do this using various methods, such as payroll discounts, dividends on every stock purchase, and creating savings options for the future.

Flexible Spending Details with HCA Rewards

Keep in mind that you have tax-free options for certain types of health care, as well as child care.